PaveConsult meets with clients to advise on paving projects – the scope of work required, the design of the installation, recommendations on suitable paving products, planning the installation and completing the construction itself.

What We Do

Client Liaison

We meet with our clients to discuss specific needs

No Surprises

We try our best to correctly specify projects to avoid the unexpected

Custom Design

Each project is approached individually to ensure we meet the clients needs

About PaveConsult

James Martin established PaveConsult following extensive experience working for SA Paving, and managing  SA Paving businesses in Johannesburg and Durban.

James has been on various boards and committees in the construction sector.

James especially enjoys special projects, be they of a technical or design nature, and has a passion for building labyrinths.

PaveConsult offers specialised advisory services, consultation and construction to the paving industry, covering all aspects of design, technical issues, project management, construction, quality assessment and mediation.

PaveConsult takes on commercial and domestic projects – the range of paving solutions include your pool patio to load-bearing roadways, as well as associated building work and accompanying technical issues such as drainage and earthworks.

PaveConsult manages all aspects of the project, and James is regularly on site for executive oversight.

Only the Best


High Standards

The PaveConsult Installation procedures are developed from the high standards James Martin inherited at SA Paving, and subsequently improved upon.


High Quality Products

We recommend only first-grade and SANS-certified products from various suppliers.

Years Experience

Completed Projects

PaveConsult has adopted and adapted the best practices from the paving industry in South Africa, and from attending British seminars.

This starts with the correct technical and design advice using the appropriate products whether pavers or cobbles or flagstones. Cost is always a consideration, and so we will negotiate and re-design until our clients receive the optimum solution – and that is not necessarily the cheapest given the use of SANS certified first-grade suppliers.

And by extension, James Martin will consult on paving and construction projects, extending to specifications, quality assessment and mediation.

Quality paving should last indefinitely, and this is a construction process. It will get messy, but the job will be done right.

Paving is not a low-skill profession – in fact the teams have specialists for various aspects of the construction process, especially ground-work, cement work, packing and cutting. Certainly some products require very specialised equipment and installation.

As with anything, the foundation is critical, so preparation of the sub-base layers is carefully planned and compacted to the correct levels and density.

Pavers are packed to the correct design, maintain the lines of the ‘perps’ and the correct falls. The detail is in the finishing, and pavers are cut with an angle-grinder.

Cement work is important, especially applying a wet cement grout to seal and complete the project (in contrast to the ‘standard’ of dry sand swept over the paving).

There are also the ancillary skills of building walls and steps, fitting pool coping and other build detail. Water flow needs to be correctly managed, and drainage systems are installed as necessary.

Finally are the third-party partnerships, notably for supply and delivery given the size and bulk of pavers in pallets and the trucks used, and especially rubble removal as required to be correctly dumped and re-cycled.

PaveConsult is an Associated Member of the Master Builder’s Association North as a Consultation and Construction provider.

James Martin has been a member of the Executive Committee and chaired the Marketing Committee.

PaveConsult uses the Standard Contract for the Paving Industry as created by the MBA North predecessor, the Gauteng MBA. This has been slightly adapted and modernised for the current environment. Projects are correct specified and are backed up by the MBA contract.

As designed by the Master Builders, the contract is balanced between the client and contractor. The two essential clauses refer to the scope of work and that arbitration is through the Master Builders.

Building is about getting around the obstacles that are presented to you.”

Jeremy Renner

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